Customer Story - Clare's Log Cabin

Customer Story - Clare's Log Cabin

With a Waltons log cabin the potential uses are endless. Whether it’ll be a peaceful spot for you to create a home office, a bright and airy space to make an extra living room or, if you’re anything like Clare, it’ll be your very own garden pub.

When we saw the images of Clare's garden building over on her Instagram account @theblackpug2021, it’s safe to say we were blown away. She had transformed her log cabin into the perfect pub, somewhere she and her family can go to have a couple of drinks, play games and make memories.

We caught up with Clare to find out how she used some clever customisation to turn her 4m x 3m Pent Log Cabin into the garden pub of her dreams.

Choosing the right garden building…

We can see you opted for the 4m x 3m Pent Log Cabin, what made you decide on a log cabin and this building in particular?

We were limited for space in our garden, so the 4m x 3m was perfect for the area we had available. We chose a log cabin as we didn’t want it to resemble a converted shed - the laps of the log cabin give it a nicer finish overall. We also love the central double doors. 

Front view of a painted log cabin pub called 'The Black Pug'
Clare chose the Waltons 4m x 3m Pent Log Cabin as it's compact enough for a small garden, but has enough space for a bar and lots of seating. We think it looks fab!

Log cabin installation

How did you prepare the space ready for installation, and how did you find the installation process?

We previously had a Waltons playhouse in the space we were using, so extended the area and installed a level, concrete base. We had power and internet cables installed underground. We then extended our patio area so that it went right up to the log cabin doors. Building the log cabin was so much fun! Like putting a jigsaw puzzle together!

Black Pug Log cabin construction
Clare installed underground power and internet cables which creates a tidy and seamless finish.

Customising the log cabin

The finished log cabin looks incredible! We can see you’ve done lots of customisation to turn it into the perfect pub. How did you get the cabin to the point it’s at today?

We want to use our log cabin all year round, so we installed insulation to the roof and flooring and put laminate flooring down over the top, so it can be easily swept and cleaned.

Laminate flooring in The Black Pug log cabin
How great does the laminate flooring look here in Clare's log cabin? It makes the floor easier to clean, essential in a garden pub.

I had a vision from before we even ordered the log cabin, so customising it was relatively easy, from my point of view. My husband took on the role of the building and I was the designer! I knew the shape of the bar I wanted and fortunately, my husband is really clever and managed to create exactly what I had dreamed of. We didn’t want the weight of glass on the walls, but I wanted mirrors to give a true pub feel. So we went for mirrored acrylic which is much lighter than glass.

Bar view in Black Pug log cabin
This beautiful wooden bar creates a real authentic pub look, the perfect focal feature.


A mirrored backsplash in the Black Pug log cabin pub
A mirrored splash back is super effective in recreating the feel of a pub.

The frosted door decals and the hanging sign really finish off the exterior along with a landlord and landlady sign. We used Urban Slate and Natural Stone on the exterior and a dark oak oil for the inside.

The Black Pug personalised sign
This personalised 'The Black Pug' sign is the perfect addition to Clare's garden pub!

Decorating the pub

What gave you the idea of creating your own garden pub?

My parents were Publicans when I was a teenager, so having our own village pub is something we’ve discussed often but never to the extent of actually going ahead with it! Even as recent as 2019 when a lovely little pub became available in a nearby village. We’re so relieved that we didn’t take our dreams further though, due to the global pandemic that was just around the corner!

This is the perfect alternative! Somewhere we’ll be able to socialise with friends and family, and make memories.

Seating view in The Black Pug log cabin pub
We love that Clare was able to make her dream of owning her own pub a reality, all within the comfort of her garden!

What was your inspiration behind the fantastic decor?

I always wanted a traditional-looking pub, with a dark bar and furniture, curtains and pictures etc. Even a last orders bell! 

Bar and seating area view in The Black Pug log cabin
From the traditional seating to complimenting curtains, we think it's detailed finishing touches Clare has used that make her log cabin pop.

We love the name you’ve given the cabin. What, or should I say who, was the inspiration behind the name?

We wanted a traditional pub name, but something personal to us too. You often see The Red Lion, The Black Bull, The White Swan etc, so The Black Pug sounds like a pub name, but named after our 4 year old black pug, Betsy. 

We have since noticed a couple of real pubs with ‘pug’ in their name!

Betsy the Black Pug log cabin pub mascot
How adorable is the pub's very own mascot, Betsy.

The finished log cabin pub

How would you say you mostly use the cabin and do you get lots of use out of it?

It’s only been completed a few weeks but we’ve had our Sunday lunch in there a few times whilst watching the football. Oh, and a Chinese takeaway! 

Our teenage daughter often sits in there with music on. She likes to go in there and clean all the bottle shelves, and we’ve all suddenly become a big fan of playing darts! 

Darts board in The Black Pug log cabin
The darts board is a fantastic finishing touch to this garden pub.

I’m certain that we will use it a lot once we’re to invite people over when the current restrictions ease. We lost my Uncle at the beginning of March 2020 and were unable to celebrate his life as a family, so we’ll be certain to get together to reminisce when we can. We have missed other family occasions such as my mum’s 70th, and my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary, so we need to celebrate those events when we can. I don’t think Christmas, New Year, and Birthdays will ever be the same again!

Finally, are you happy with the finished result?

We are over the moon with the end result. It still has the WOW factor every time we open the doors. We absolutely love it and it is exactly how I envisaged it to be!

The Black Pug log cabin pub whole view
We love the colours Clare has chosen to paint her log cabin. The soft cream and stylish grey look fantastic together.

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