Customer story: Anna's greenhouse

Customer story: Anna's greenhouse

We love seeing how our customers have transformed their garden buildings, so you can imagine how delighted we were when Anna got in touch over on Instagram to share her gorgeous new greenhouse with us!

Anna chose the 8 x 6 Evesham. You can check out Anna’s Instagram at @pollyannas_garden.

Anna has painted her greenhouse to really give it some personality!

Why did you choose this particular greenhouse?

I chose this particular greenhouse for a few reasons. First and foremost was the fact that it was incredibly good value for money; wooden greenhouses can be extremely expensive and compared to most this was a fraction of the cost without any compromise on quality. 

The greenhouse sits on an elevated position in the garden

Second was the fact that it was only half-glazed, I knew even before I started seriously looking that I wanted the lower half of the greenhouse to be wooden rather than glazing so that I would be able to store items when not in use without making the overall appearance from the outside look untidy. Last but by no means least was the fact that I discovered another gardener (through Instagram) who had purchased the same greenhouse and was thrilled with it.

What extra work did you put in to customise it?

As the greenhouse was part of my 40th birthday present my husband worked incredibly hard to turn the basic Evesham greenhouse into my vision. This started even before the greenhouse had been delivered due to the fact that our garden is on an incline. 

As Anna's garden is on an incline, a lot of love went into this build to level it off

A level base was created using posts concreted into the garden with a framework built around them. The greenhouse was then built on and fixed to that framework and the exposed lower edges clad in matching shiplap so it looked seamless. The whole interior (angled) subfloor was then backfilled with gravel to provide me with a level floor. The gravel also provides fantastic water drainage and heat retention.

The angled subfloor of the greenhouse had to be levelled off before it was filled with gravel

The personalisation really began when my clever husband began to bring my scrappy drawings of potting benches and staging to life. The staging is really strong and robust as well as looking really appealing and the potting bench was made exactly to my standing height so that I would be comfortable when in the greenhouse working.

A gravel floor provides fantastic heat retention and water drainage

As the greenhouse backs on to our neighbour’s hedge I could see little point in leaving the glazing exposed so we covered the back wall, again increasing insulation but also providing me with an area to add pins and clips for extra storage.

Greenhouse staging and shelving was added in to fill up the empty space

The entire greenhouse has been treated inside and out with a double coat of wood protection in a gorgeous vintage green only adding to its beauty within the garden.

Anna maximises the space by adding both lower and upper greenhouse shelving

What inspiration did you have for decorating it?

When we moved to our property 7 years ago the huge back garden was a mass of concrete and we have worked incredibly hard to create a beautiful woodland/cottage style family garden. Adding the greenhouse was a key part of this because I grow all the plants and flowers for the garden but I knew I wanted it to blend into the garden too and look like it had always been there.

Along with being functional, Anna has added some beautiful decorations to really give the greenhouse some life

The greenhouse was always going to be practical and pretty so once construction was complete the greenhouse was treated. I added plenty of vintage and shabby chic accessories like practical wooden boxes and trays and cute metal tins for storage but also pretty items like tiny jars of saved seeds heads, spools of garden twine and bunting to create the style I was looking for.

The greenhouse has now become the hub of the garden

What are you hoping to use it for?

The greenhouse is the hub of the garden now, somewhere that allows me to grow all the plants and flowers I need to fill my garden (and more!) but more than that it’s my sanctuary. As a full-time mum and carer of our disabled child this has given me somewhere to retreat to and relax. Whether that is seed sowing or potting plants or sitting on my little stool and reading a book amongst the plants (possibly with a gin!).

Anna's new greenhouse fits in perfectly with the rest of her garden

My greenhouse really is my little haven to work and relax in.

What do you think of the finished product? Are you happy with it?

I couldn’t be any more thrilled with my Evesham greenhouse. It is absolutely everything I hoped it would be and more. My husband worked incredibly hard to turn a great Waltons product into a fantastic sanctuary for me to enjoy for many years to come.

We absolutely love Anna's new Evesham Greenhouse

We think that Anna and her husband have done a phenomenal job of personalising her new greenhouse! We can’t wait to see what she’ll be growing in here. Have you got a Waltons garden building that you’ve transformed? We’d love to hear all about it over on Facebook or Instagram!


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