Customer story: Lucy's summerhouse

Customer story: Lucy's summerhouse

We interviewed our customer Lucy Shire who is the proud owner of a Waltons 12 x 8 Contemporary Summer House with Side Shed. Lucy and her family use the building for relaxing after a long day, and for entertaining at weekends. Here is Lucy's story.

What made you decide to buy the summer house?

Unpainted Waltons summerhouse with side shed
The 12 x 8 Contemporary Summerhouse with Side Shed fitted Lucy's requirements for a garden retreat
Image: Waltons

We have always wanted a summer house, and when we pulled down our old disused shed, we finally had the room. However we also needed a shed for storage which is why we were delighted when we came across your Contemporary Summer House with Side Shed. It fitted the bill perfectly.

How much has having your summer house changed your home life?

We spend much more time in the garden now as we have somewhere to escape to from the hot sun when gardening. It is situated in full view of the bird feeders and it is wonderful to sit and watch them. Our cat has been known to sneak in there too.

When we have a BBQ we open all three doors up and it transforms into a great entertaining area. We have used it every day since buying it, even in the winter as we have a heater installed.

The whole family agree, that after 40 years of marriage, we can honestly say it is the very best purchase we have made.

What are your top tips for creating a garden retreat like yours?

Put it where you get a good view of the garden. An electric supply is handy, as you can always plug in a heater during the winter months and a small tabletop fridge is a bonus during the hot summer months to provide you with a cooling drink without having to go indoors.

What type of paint did you use to decorate the summer house?

We used Cuprinol garden shades (seagrass) and Ronseal for the white for the exterior and Dulux white satin for the interior.

How much do you think you spent decorating your new summer house?

About £150, but that also included the laminate flooring and the wood to panel the interior.

Is the summer house everything you hoped it would be?

Definitely and more. The shed attached to the side of the summer house means no messy tools to infringe on the seating area. We are so glad we came across your site and when I posted a picture of it on Facebook it got loads of envious comments.

Would you recommend getting a summer house?

Side view of blue painted summerhouse
Lucy and her family are planning on using their summer house every day

Of course, we would not be without ours now. It is the best purchase we have made.

If anyone is toying with the idea of a summer house, don’t hesitate. You will not regret it.

We are thrilled that Lucy and her family are enjoying their summer house. It sounds like it’s been perfectly placed for an afternoon of admiring hard work in the garden, or as a space to snuggle up with a large tea (wine).

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