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How to turn your shed into an office

How to turn your shed into an office

Learn how to convert your garden shed into a home office where you can work in warmth and comfort all-year-round.

Our info pack guides you through planning and layout, insulation, heating, lighting, wi-fi solutions, and more, giving you all the knowledge you need to create a garden office. Totally free to download and share, our step-by-step guide is your ticket to efficient, effective working from home.

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Office shed conversion guide:

  1. Start planning your ideal office. Make two lists: one outlining what you will use your office for (Uses); the other listing what those uses will require (Requirements).
  2. Plan your office’s layout, experimenting with different ways to fit all your Requirements into the space.
  3. Check the state of your current shed, as well as your chosen site, to see if there are any maintenance issues to deal with before the conversion starts.
  4. Make a detailed job list. This should help you establish which supplies and professional help that you require for each job and each stage of the process.
  5. When the shed is prepared, start the conversion with thorough damp-proofing.
  6. Install insulation in the floors, ceiling and walls of the shed.
  7. Fit the shed with electricity, using either mains or alternative sources (wind or solar).
  8. Install your choice of lighting (e.g. lamps,fluorescents, halogen or LED lights).
  9. Install freestanding, wall-mounted or underfloor heating.
  10. Connect your shed to the internet using either tethering, WiFi or a powerline adapter.
  11. Run water to your shed from the mains, or install a water butt and guttering system.
  12. Secure the contents of your shed.
  13. Start moving in your furniture and storage
  14. Decorate your office according to your tastes.
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Download the guide now, and find out how to create the ideal garden office in your shed.

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