The Waltons Bake Off Competition - Our Favourite Entries!

The Waltons Bake Off Competition - Our Favourite Entries!

The Waltons Bake Off Competition is coming to an end; we would like to say Thank You to all who have entered. We've has such great feedback and some amazing entries; making a final decision will be hard for the team. We wanted to celebrate our amazing Facebook and Twitter fans by picking our favourite entries of cakes, pies, savouries and much more. Enjoy!


When we think of baking our minds usually fill with images of cake! Cakes come in a variety of forms; it can be a simple Victoria sandwich or a complicated and impressive birthday cake. The Great British Bake Off didn't have too much focus on cakes this year but as we saw on the final show even a simple Victoria sandwich can provide difficulties for skilled bakers. Here are some of our favourites.


Cupcakes were once a very ‘American’ concept but now they are common place in the UK! Many of us enjoy cupcakes whether they are home-made or purchased from a shop. Cupcakes are easy to bake and can be decorated in many, many different ways. They are a great option when baking with children and can be made in almost any flavour. We love the cupcakes entered into our competition, some great inspiration!


All GBBO Fans know the fear felt when Paul and Mary announce those dreaded words ‘It’s Bread Week’. Even the most experienced bakers fear bread; it is unpredictable and takes time which is in short supply on the show. Baking bread at home is much less stressful but still is a hard task. Yeast is used in most bread recipes; it helps the bread grow in size and produces air bubbles. The wrong conditions can destroy a bread recipe in seconds! Bread is found in almost every culture around the world and they’re many recipes to choose from. We had amazing entries which showed the high levels of competition bakers; take a look at these entries.

Pies & Tarts

As the weather changes many of us now want to eat those comforting foods like Pies and Crumbles. Pies are a classic dish which can be savoury or sweet. We’ve had some great entries in this section of ‘The Bake Off Competition’. Pies are a fun bake and you don’t have to make your own pastry. Ready to use pastry can be found in most supermarkets and can help you produce beautiful desserts or dinner! Tarts are another way to use pastry and can be included both sweet and savoury ingredients. Our entries look perfect for any winter evening, take a look at our favourites.

Biscuits, Scones & Tray Bakes

Nothing goes with a cup of tea better than a biscuit, scones and tray bakes! This category is often where most of start when it comes to baking. These recipes can be simple but can take patience to master; as with any baking weighing up ingredients and following instructions closely and very, very important. We’ve had many entries into the ‘The Waltons Bake Off Competition’ and they all look like the perfect naughty snack to enjoy with a cuppa. So take a look at the following, mouth watering entries!

Cake Pops!

Cake Pops are the new cupcake! The baking world has gone crazy for these tasty, fun treats. Cake pops are perfect for a party and can be handed out to guests without the need for plates. They can also be made into fun shapes like cartoon characters or even little versions of people you know! Making cake pops is challenging but the results are outstanding. Here are a few we received as entries in our competition.

Thank You to everyone who's entered, shared and liked our competition. We are huge Bake Off fans here at Waltons and we had an absolute blast sharing the show and this competition with out fans. The winner of this competition will be announced on the 17th of October 2014 (Friday) so stay tuned everyone.

Good Luck!

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