Garden Gym Rooms

An insulated garden gym is a great way to house your fitness equipment without taking up valuable space in your home. ...

An insulated garden gym is a great way to house your fitness equipment without taking up valuable space in your home. Beginning with cosy 2m wide spaces suitable for basic fitness kit like a rowing machine, exercise bike, or free weights, right up to 6m wide buildings capable of housing your full home gym, our customisable garden buildings offer quality and practicality at a price point you can afford.

Our garden rooms are meticulously designed for long-lasting durability. Featuring robust 72mm double-skinned walls insulated with EcoQuilt technology and sturdy tongue-and-groove floors filled with Air Tech insulation, all our insulated garden rooms come with double-glazed windows. Our products also come with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee and are made using only FSC-certified timber. As you would expect from a high-quality product, our insulated garden buildings are manufactured here in the UK.

Compared to the expense of building a home extension, garden gyms present a budget-friendly solution that really makes sense. Designed with 'permitted development' rules in mind, our garden buildings enable you to expand your indoor space without the need for separate planning permission. For more information about planning requirements for garden buildings, please check out our planning permission for garden buildings article.

While we do offer self-build options, you’ll be reassured to know that if you buy an insulated garden room from Waltons, free installation comes as part of the package. A simple process – you construct the foundation for your building using a concrete or paving slab base, and one of our expert teams will handle the installation of your new room for you. A straightforward job for a competent DIYer or an easy task for your local builder; for detailed instructions to help you build a suitable base, please refer to our shed base installation guide.

Investing in an insulated garden gym enhances your property's value while offering you a superbly functional inside space in which to enjoy your workout. At Waltons, we take pride in providing you with bright, light-filled indoor spaces in which to keep fit while also enhancing the look and feel of your garden.