5 top tips for storing logs correctly

Waltons double log store with banner saying '5 top tips for storing logs correctly'

If you’ve installed a wood-burner or re-instated an old fireplace to heat your home through the winter, keep your logs neatly stacked and easily-accessible in a dedicated log store. With an open front and slatted sides that allow air to circulate, log stores aren’t just aesthetically pleasing. They keep your wood in the optimum condition for a roaring fire! Here are some expert tips for storing your logs. 

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How to store logs outside

Single Waltons wooden log store with stacked up logs
This compact log store is ideal for those with wood burners or fire pits
Image: 3x3ft Pressure Treated Single Timber Log Store from Waltons

Purpose made log stores add rustic kerb appeal to your front entrance or tuck neatly out of sight in a side-return. But they offer much more than a means of keeping your garden tidy. Storing your wood correctly helps it to ignite quicker, burn more efficiently and release less smoke into the atmosphere. Here are five top tips for storing logs: 

  1. It may seem counter-intuitive, but don’t cover your wood with a plastic sheet or it’s likely to become damp and mouldy. Sun and air are the best ways to ‘season’ your wood and dry the sap.
  2. Stack logs in a single-depth row (rather than a pile) to allow air to flow through them. 
  3. Raise your logs off the floor to allow air to circulate beneath. 
  4. Store your logs in a sunny spot but make sure they’re easily accessible. They can be heavy, and you don’t want to have to walk far when it’s cold and dark. 
  5. Bring logs inside the day before you need them. This removes any lingering moisture and prevents them from hissing and spitting when lit. Damp wood gives off less heat and releases more carbon dioxide into the air. 

What makes a good log store?

White empty double wooden log store from Waltons against white background
This double log store is made from pressure-treated timber 
Image: 6x3ft Pressure Treated Wooden Double Log Store from Waltons

The best log stores protect your wood from damp and rot while keeping it neatly stacked and easily available. Choose a model with a slanted roof, raised floor, open front, and slatted sides to allow the sun and wind to season ‘green’ wood and help the sap to dry up. 

Waltons log stores are constructed in the UK from ethically sourced, pressure-treated timber and come with a 15-year guarantee. A great way to store your wood and keep your garden tidy, our beautifully filled log stores make an attractive outdoor feature, too! 

Looking for more practical garden storage solutions? Waltons has plenty of ways to keep your bikes, mowers, tools, recycling bins, sports equipment and outdoor furniture safe and dry. 

Lead image: 6 x 3 Pressure Treated Wooden Double Log Store from Waltons

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