Setting Up A Business From Your Log Cabin

Setting Up A Business From Your Log Cabin

Effectively operating a business from a log cabin isn't a novel idea; some of the world's most successful companies, like Microsoft and Dell, trace their origins back to humble outbuildings and garden rooms. Due to their affordability and rapid construction, garden buildings have emerged as a favoured alternative to conventional brick-and-mortar office spaces. They provide budding entrepreneurs with a cost-effective and secluded workspace close to home, saving both time and money. However, today's market offers a plethora of garden building options, some of which offer a more inviting and comfortable working environment than the traditional shed.

Draw inspiration from your environment with expansive full-length windows.
Image: Waltons 3m x 3m Pent Log Cabin

Log Cabins are the epitome of tradition with functional design. With log boards up to 44mm, log cabins are capable of maintaining a pleasant temperature throughout the year, ideal for long days on the grind. Expansive, double-glazed windows flood the interior with natural light, crucial for businesses with creative endeavours, while offering picturesque views of the surrounding garden. Log Cabins typically offer a more economical alternative to home extensions, causing minimal disruption and providing a separate workspace away from your house. In addition, you’re not spending money on rent and rates and instead, investing in your own home and garden. This setup provides the benefits of a short commute while establishing clear boundaries between work and home life.


It's always a good idea to check planning permission guidelines before you make your decision.
Image: Pexels

Despite Log Cabins providing an ideal foundation for launching a business, it's imperative to conduct thorough research to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations before diving in. Once all necessary permissions and insurance are in place, it's time to craft your dream workspace!

Securing permissions and insurance for your business is the initial step. Before investing in a Log Cabin, it's crucial to verify the planning regulations and restrictions in your local area. While the vast majority of Waltons' garden buildings are designed to adhere to planning permission guidelines, exceptions may apply depending on your garden's size and the building's placement. Additionally, running a business from home may necessitate consent from your mortgage provider/landlord, local planning office, or council. While certain businesses may not require permissions if they won't disrupt neighbours or alter your home's structure significantly, it's wise to consult local authorities. Adequate insurance coverage, including home insurance and business cover, may also be necessary to protect valuable equipment, documents, or stock.

Once all essential permissions and insurance are obtained, selecting the perfect garden room is the next, exciting step. Waltons offers a diverse range of Log Cabins in various sizes to cater to the needs of your expanding business.

Our log cabins are available in a range of sizes and some come with an additional side shed, ideal for keeping stock or other business equipment out of the way when not required. 


Our Log Cabins with Side sheds are a perfect blend of storage and comfort.
Image: Waltons 5.1m x 3m Dove Log Cabin with Side Shed

Selecting the ideal log cabin involves careful consideration of your business needs and space utilisation. For instance, businesses requiring ample natural light may benefit from models with large, full-length windows, while those needing to store bulky equipment may find reverse apex garden rooms with generous ceiling space more suitable. In addition, some are available with a side shed, ideal for keeping stock or other business equipment out of the way when not required.

Upon delivery and installation of your new log cabin,you’ll be able to plan out the perfect working layout to suit your needs and decorate it to your exact liking. The arrangement of furniture and equipment can significantly impact productivity and mental well-being. Experimenting with different layouts by measuring and taping outlines on the floor allows for easy visualisation of the space available, meaning you can get straight into constructing all your furniture and making your new space your own. 

Planning for essential utilities such as electricity, Wi-Fi, or running water should also be considered, with professional installation recommended to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Professionally setting up electricity in your Log Cabin will transform your space into a dream work station.
Image: Waltons

Once the basic layout of your new work space is established, decorating the workspace to create an inspiring and productive environment becomes the next priority. Incorporating indoor plants, calming art prints, and brand-related decor elements can enhance the ambiance and reinforce your business's identity. Attention to detail, such as displaying relevant certificates or brand imagery, further shows off your professionalism.

In conclusion, establishing a successful business from a log cabin requires thorough preparation and thoughtful consideration of various factors. Fortunately, we have plenty of sources of help, such as our handy log cabin buying guide and planning permission blog. In addition to this, our expert sales team are always available to offer their advice either through our online chat or on the phone. With careful planning and attention to detail, your brand-new log cabin ideal for your home business is primed to support your entrepreneurial endeavors and inspire productivity for years to come.

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