5 Ways to Transform Your Log Cabin

5 Ways to Transform Your Log Cabin

Log cabins are an affordable and practical alternative to a home extension, offering extra living space without the lengthy and expensive construction process. Designed for versatility, Waltons’ log cabins can be easily transformed into your dream garden retreat. Whether you aspire to create an entertaining home pub or your very own cosy chillout spot, within our wide range of cabins there’s one perfect for your requirements.

The traditional construction method of interlocking logs creates a tight seal and powerful structure, protecting the building from windy and wet weather. This means you can enjoy your garden in comfort and shelter, even in the winter months! With four different log thicknesses on offer, ranging from 19mm to 44mm, you can choose a cabin which is perfectly suited to your needs.

Not sure where to start with your log cabin transformation? We’ve gathered examples of some spectacular cabin renovations to inspire you…

Cosy Winter Wonderland

Cosy Winter Wonderland Log Cabin
This log cabin from Waltons has been transformed into a cosy winter wonderland

Make the most of your garden in the colder months by creating a cosy winter retreat in your log cabin! Designed for year-round use, Waltons’ range of 34mm and 44mm cabins utilise their natural insulating properties and double-glazed windows to generate a warm, comfortable environment.

Soft furnishings such as rugs, blankets and cushions have been compiled to create a snug and inviting seating area, perfect for relaxing with a hot drink and your favourite book. Pairing a cohesive colour scheme with contrasting textures creates more visual appeal while the numerous light sources generate a soft, warm glow, giving the cabin a welcoming atmosphere. The cosy winter wonderland log cabin is ideal for indulging in a quiet moment alone during the busy holiday season or having a relaxing catch-up with friends and family.

The Local Pub

Local Pub Log Cabin
The Black Pug is the perfect place for a catch-up with friends and family

Waltons customer Clare redesigned her 4m x 3m Pent Log Cabin into The Black Pug, her very own pub! The wooden bar and furniture complement the natural tones of the log cabin creating a homely, authentic pub atmosphere. An impressive amount of detail completes the look - from personalised windows to the chequered fabric pattern used throughout, every component of this project has been thoughtfully planned and executed to a high standard.

The adaptability of our log cabins makes it easy to install utilities such as electricity and running water, expanding the possibilities for your cabin transformation. Plus, the generous floor space and headroom that this cabin provides makes it ideal for hosting friends and family. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a pub quiz or a simple get-together, your log cabin is sure to become a hub of social activity.

Extended Living Space

Living Space Log Cabin
Extend your living space without the need for a home extension

Ideal for those struggling with limited space in their home, Waltons log cabins are a convenient and cost-effective solution. The bright and spacious environment offers a dedicated room to relax with family and friends away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The 4m x 3m Log Cabin has been transformed by Beccy into a colourful and attractive living space, complete with comfortable seating and eye-catching decorations for those finishing touches.

By extending the living area to the outside patio, Beccy has cleverly made full use of the available garden space. Painting the window frames and door panelling a different shade to the rest of the cabin adds visual appeal and links to the monochromatic colour scheme of the furniture. Textured soft furnishings and wall hangings finish the look and make the space feel warm and inviting.

Home Office

Home Office Log Cabin
This home office design is perfect for creative professionals

With remote-working now a popular option for businesses to offer their employees, some workers may find that they need a more dedicated workspace at home. Log cabins offer a bright, spacious and adaptable space which can easily be modified to suit your needs and requirements. By installing electric power to your cabin you can equip your new home office with everything you need for a productive day.

Our Goldcrest 5m x 3m Log Cabin with Side Shed has been flawlessly redesigned into a home office perfectly suited for a creative professional. Space-saving solutions such as a wall-mounted desk allows you to get the most out of the room while display shelving adds visual appeal and keeps art materials within reach. Plus, the Goldcrest Log Cabin benefits from an adjoining side shed, so there’s no need to sacrifice any garden storage space!

Rabbit Paradise

Rabbit Paradise Log Cabin
Waltons customer Emma has created the dream rabbit log cabin

Perhaps a slightly more unusual transformation is Emma’s rabbit paradise log cabin! This multi-levelled rabbit haven keeps these precious pets safe, warm and dry with plenty of opportunities for play. A coherent theme and colour scheme runs throughout, creating a balanced and calm vibe.

The generous headroom of the cabin accommodates raised levels for the rabbits to explore and allows for storage shelves to be installed away from little paws. The log cabin’s traditional interlocking log construction method protects the interior from draughts and damp, prolonging the life and quality of the building. Plus, the thick log walls provide insulating qualities for a comfortable and cosy environment.

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