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Will I need to help my delivery driver? Our drivers DO NOT need your help during a delivery. They will not ask for your help and they can manage all the items themselves. We are not insured to cover any customer injuries and therefore we ask you NOT to help or try and help our drivers while they make a delivery. What access is needed for my delivery? Our drivers are only contracted to provide kerbside drop offs and deliveries. They will NOT bring any of our orders through your home. A driver may offer to take an order further; for instance a back garden but this is ONLY at their own discretion. If you have added our installation service to your order please be aware that they will require full access to your garden. Our installation team will not bring a building through your home as they are not covered by insurance to enter a customer's home. If you have any questions about access or you live in a restricted access zone please contact our sales team on 0800 029 1000. Our team will be able to provide you with more information and specific building information. What size vehicle will deliver my order? We operate 3.5 ton, 7.5 ton and 17 ton vehicles. Your ordered building could arrive on any of these vehicles depending on which area you live in and the time of year. If you live in area where access is difficult for larger vehicles please let us know as soon as possible. Please call our dispatch team on 0800 014 2333 and choose option 3. You can also send our team an e-mail regarding access. Send an e-mail to service@waltons.co.uk with your name, access details and order number. How are log cabins delivered?

Log cabins usually take a bit longer to deliver than most of our other products. This is because they are put into production when ordered. You should expect to receive a delivery call within 28 working days of placing your order. Please allow enough time for our team to call you.

Our log cabins are delivered on the back of various different sized vehicles, depending on the size of cabin. Generally, the largest sized vehicle we deliver on is a 17 ton truck, which is the same size as a dustbin lorry. The windows and doors are pre-assembled. The wall roof and floor pieces will be offloaded one piece at a time. Please remember that this is kerbside delivery only, so the customer will be required to move the parts to the rear of the property.

There must be sufficient space for the vehicle to operate safely. If you are worried about your home not being easy to access please contact our team on the number or e-mail address below.

All Waltons deliveries are all kerbside ONLY. Our drivers are helpful and will always try and place the building in a convenient position for you. It is entirely at our driver's discretion if they decide to move the building somewhere inside your property. They are not authorised to deliver items through someone's home.

Please always provide the most convenient telephone number when placing your log cabin order. Our drivers may need to contact you about your delivery a few days before it's due. Also our drivers call 30 minutes before delivery.

If you want to contact our delivery team about a log cabin delivery please call them on 0800 029 1000 and choose option 2. Alternatively, send our delivery team an email to service@waltons.co.uk.

Can I choose a delivery slot? We will contact you on the morning of your confirmed delivery date by email and/or SMS with a 2-hour delivery time slot. We aim to meet these delivery times but during busy periods, deliveries may take a little longer, however we always work hard to keep delays to a minimum. What happens if my order is not delivered on the day I picked? We apologise if you were expecting a delivery on a specific day and it was not delivered. If you did not get your order delivered please wait for us to contact you. We will speak to you and arrange another suitable delivery date. You do not need to be home for your Waltons delivery. You can contact us and let us know about your missed delivery, too. E-mail service@waltons.co.uk with your name, address and order number. Alternatively, you can contact our team on 0800 029 1000 and choose option 3. There is no monetary compensation for a missed delivery, please see our terms & conditions for more information. I'm missing parts from my order, what should I do? If you are missing parts from your order, don't worry. We will arrange for replacement parts to be sent to you as soon as possible, usually within 3 - 5 working days. Please note: log cabin parts can take longer to replace. Please contact our customer service team on 0800 014 2333 and choose option 3. You can also e-mail our team with your name, what parts you're missing and your order number. Just drop an e-mail to service@waltons.co.uk. I would like a refund, what should I do? If you are unhappy with your product and want to return it for a refund please send an e-mail to our customer service team with your request for a refund, name and order number. Our email address is service@waltons.co.uk. If you prefer to use the phone, call 0800 014 2333 and choose option 2. My order has not been delivered, what should I do? We deliver between 7am and 7pm. If your order has not been delivered when expected please contact our delivery team. You can send an e-mail to despatch@waltons.co.uk and our team will telephone you to arrange a new delivery date. You can also ring our delivery team on 0800 029 1000 (option 3) and speak to them about your order and arrange a new date.

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