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Ten top recyclers’ blogs

Ten top recyclers’ blogs

Ever wished you were better at recycling? If you’re stuck for ideas, our selection of planet-protecting bloggers have plenty to spare.

Notebooks made from vintage maps, rings crafted from antique silver teaspoons and even footstools fashioned from pallets. You’re bound to be inspired when you see the canny creations they’ve come up with.


Milomade visible mending
Image: milomade 
These spoons are destined to become beautiful rings

Fascinated by the history behind everyday objects? Then head over to Evie Milo’s upcycling blog. Evie’s fondness for discarded items began with a childhood desire to own something unique.

You’ll love her rings made from antique silver teaspoon handles, and who’d have thought you could make brooches from recycled copper plumbing pipes?

Evie’s “make do and mend” attitude extends to fashion too, transforming torn trousers and holey shirts and jumpers with bright fabric patches and colourful thread. “Who knew that this type of mending had a name and originated from Japan?”, Evie says. Check out her Visible Mending post to discover more!

The Woolly Pedlar

Woolly Pedlar in a colourful coat
Image: The Woolly Pedlar 
Sue uses pedal power to peddle her wares

Remember the days before games consoles? In her post, My learn to sew book, nimble-fingered Sue Reed explains that inspired by her nan and great aunt, she spent her 1970s childhood sewing felt animals and peg dollies.

Sue’s passion for upcycling unwanted knitwear is infectious. You’ll love following her woolly wares from creation to craft fair and beyond. We’re not surprised she has plenty of satisfied customers. Even Jeremy Corbyn couldn’t resist buying a wrap for his wife!

Cosy jumpers are a requirement when you live in Northumberland, and as you’d expect, Sue is a dab hand at knitting. But when she’s not busy making, what else is there to do? With Hadrian's wall on the doorstep, watching and photographing the Northern Lights isn’t a bad way to pass the time.


Wooden wind chime
Image: Greenmumsblog 
No games consoles for Tracy and family

Tracey’s children don’t own games consoles but who needs them when there are trees to climb and stones to skim? Her gently inspirational blog features woodland walks, country bike rides, beachcombing and camping.

Tracey writes about being a green parent and a visit to her excellent blog reveals a treasure trove of tips for other environmentally conscious recyclers. From growing little gardeners to the best eco gifts and how to replace gadgets, there are plenty of fun projects for all the family to join in with.

If your perfect family day out involves splashing through mud and collecting lots of autumn goodies, you’ll be right at home.

BowieBelle Vintage and Upcycled Furniture

Violet desk by bowiebelle
Image: BowieBelle 
Teresa used a beautiful chalk paint to transform this desk

When it comes to keeping landfill furniture-free, upcycler Teresa, of BowieBelle, recommends buying second hand or even freshening up your own pieces. “Every little helps” she writes in her post upcycling at home.

Got an old pallet lying around? See how BowieBelle transforms hers into a luxurious fabric-covered footstool. You’ll be equally impressed by the coffee table she revamped using wallpaper cuttings.

Nature’s vibrant colours inspire this creative blogger. Summery pinks and rich Autumnal reds are echoed in the gorgeous fabrics Teresa chooses. She even finds time to include a few inspiring quotes. If you’re keen to begin your own upcycling journey, BowieBelle is a great place to start.

Emerge’s Recycling Blog

recycled paper wall
Image: Emerge Manchester 
Breaking down the barriers to recycling

Imagine a pile of 74 million mince pies weighing 230,000 tonnes. That’s how much food we waste in the UK every Christmas say Emerge, Manchester’s pioneering recyclers. Expect to find posts like “Why it’s time to talk about our plastic use”, sober yet inspiring stuff from blogger Dan who despite telling it as it is, won’t leave you in despair.

Dan shares the ins and outs of recycling, tips for composting and where to buy carbon neutral products. We learned loads and so will you, for example, did you know you can even recycle makeup? Just take your old containers to any Origins store and they’ll recycle your compacts, bottles and tubes.

Vicky Myers Creations

colourful blanket
Image: Vicky Myers Creations 
Recycled fabric fashion

Adopting a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish says blogger Vicky Myers. Determined to do her bit in the battle against global warming, her creative ideas make the most of recycled fabric and other materials. There’s even a use for old crisp packets.

Presented with a jar of old keys at Christmas, Vicky, hubby and kids were inspired to create key animals. But there’s more. With Valentine's Day coming up, do check out Vicki’s stunning piece of romance inspired wall art. Clearly, recycling is the key to her heart.

From pretty pencil cases to unique upcycled tie phone cases, this blogger’s projects come with full instructions and great photos. What are you waiting for?

My Make Do and Mend Life

Speedy's new tortoise home
Image: My Make Do and Mend Life 
Make do and make a difference

Jen’s blog began when she decided to document her family’s attempt not to buy anything new for a whole year.

You’ll love Jen’s practical guides to living sustainably. Check out her No Clothes Challenge post, which suggests five funky ways to patch holey jeans, or have a go at making homemade dishwasher tablets.

Jen’s ‘nothing new’ lifestyle was put to the test when the family inherited Speedy, a spry 75 year-old tortoise. Luckily, her partner was given an old dog kennel and after “some sawing, some hammering, and a spot of paint,” Speedy is very pleased with her new home.

Whether it’s reducing packaging, buying second hand or making the best out of wilted veg, Jen’s blog is all about setting yourself sustainable goals. Tempted? Then join her tribe of Facebook fans.

How can I recycle this?

Jackie's recycled pot rack
Image: How can I recycle this? 
Recycle this contributor, Jackie, turned an old awning frame into a pot rack

Louisa Parry and John Leach are changing the world one pistachio nut at a time. Their blog was born when they began wondering how to use the shells of the pistachio nuts they’d just eaten. “When we thought about it, we were in the same position with lots of things: leftover bits of food, old household items, empty containers of all shapes and sizes.”

Suggest an item you’d like to recycle and this blog’s community of enthusiasts will share their ideas with you. With more than 14000 suggestions on reusing over 900 items, we’re sure you’ll find at least suggestion worth trying.

Salvage Sister

Charis' upcycled workshop
Image: Salvage Sister 
Upcycled projects call for an upcycled workshop

Skip diving, salvaging, reclaiming and bartering – blogger Charis has many ways of getting her hands on the furniture, textiles or raw materials she needs for her latest upcycling project. You might even recognise her from Channel 4’s “Fill Your House for Free”. Known to audiences as The Salvage Sister, Charis blogs about creating beautiful and useful items on a budget.

Got any unwanted old pallets? In her post on how to make a simple trough planter from pallets, Charis gives a step by step guide to creating this easy project. You’ll be learning from a pallet expert – she even used pallets to build the frame of her impressive upcycling workshop.

Upcycle That

An old stool reupholstered with an old jumper
Image: Upcycle That 
Old jumper meets tired old stool

Because it takes 450 years to decompose, by 2050 there will be more pieces of plastic than fish in the oceans. If, like us, you find this fact horrific, you’ll love Upcycle That. Creators Jacques and Judy have conjured up an impressive collection of ideas for upcycling not only plastic but glass, leather, metal and other materials.

Be inspired by artist Veronika Richterova’s plastic bottle sculptures or choose from a selection of upcycling tutorials. From a cute cat planter pot to an upcycled ottoman, if you’re serious about reducing your footprint, pick a project and get stuck in. It’s the perfect way to send pollution packing.

Do you write or know of a recycling blog? Head over to our Facebook page and get in touch.

Lead image: e X p o s e

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