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44mm Thick Log Cabins

Our 44mm thick log cabins are the ultimate garden building, offering a warm and welcoming space. The double tongue and groove construction tightly interlocks to reduce draughts and retain heat. Perfect for relaxing, entertaining or setting up your very own garden home office.

Our customer, Robin, from Ringwood, said, "I am very pleased, it went together like a dream. Every part fitted really well and the quality is excellent. It looks great both inside and out. I would recommend to anyone."

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Log cabins got you muddled?

Have your heart set on a log cabin, but unsure as to which one will best suit your needs? Check out our helpful buying guide to give you some ideas!

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44mm thick Log Cabin cladding helps to provide customers with a high quality, strong and durable building that will keep you warm in the winter months. We do suggest that with any all-year round outdoor building that you choose the maximum cladding thickness possible and also choose double glazed windows, as these provide that extra warmth in the winter, thus saving you money on heating and electricity in the future.

Waltons Log Cabin Range offers a breadth of different log cabins, some being more traditional side and others on the contemporary side. We also offer corner style log cabins to fit into smaller spaces. Whatever your need we are sure that we offer the perfect fit for you.

Our Log Cabins arrive with our customers as a DIY kit. They are really easy to put up and all you'll need is a spare few days and a couple of extra pairs of hands to help you complete the build. If you don't have the time to install the building yourself, then check out our Installation Service which you can add to your order.

We have a series of step by step videos that show you how to install your building. If you would like any further help, please give our experienced and friendly sales team to discuss your Log Cabin requirements.

Our Cabins are made from high quality, FSC Certified Timber. This means all the wood we used to build these buildings are ethically sourced and are from sustainable forests. The timber used is Slow Grown Pine; this means the wood has a denser structure and is very durable. Our cabins are made using Tongue & Groove timbers. These types of buildings are made from specially shapes timbers; they interlock to form strong walls, floors and roofs.

If you are self employed our buildings would be perfect for use as a garden office. If you are self employed working for home can be a great way of keeping down operation costs. Adding a building to your garden will help you create a clear separation between your home life and your work life. Some of our cabins also feature more than one internal room. This means you can have an office and a meeting space for clients.

These buildings are perfect for garden entertaining. Having extra outdoor space provides you with a place to host guests, lay out food and drinks too. A garden room can also be great for sheltering from common summer showers. If you like to keep fit then think about turning your log cabin into a home gym. These buildings are ideal for use as a hobby room and would be great for arty people.

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