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The anatomy of a shed

13th August 2019

Do you know your shingle from your shiplap? What’s a reverse apex? Getting the best value for money from your new garden shed means getting to grips with a bewildering array of terminology. Check out our infographic for a full breakdown of all the different parts that make up a shed, log cabin or garden office.

  • Know your fascia from your finial
  • Understand the various roof-covering options
  • Get to grips with the weatherproofing characteristics of overlap, shiplap, and tongue-and groove cladding
  • Decide between dipped and pressure-treated timber

Here’s everything you need to know to find the best shed for your needs.

The anatomy of a shed

anatomy of a shed from Waltons>
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<p>We hope our guide has helped you decide which features you want in your next shed or garden building. Want to know more? Our <a href=guide to shed terminology provides extra detail on the anatomy of sheds and other garden buildings. From the difference between an arch and an arbour to ledge-framed shed doors and ‘Z’ shaped framing, you’ll never be baffled by shed terminology again.

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